Significant Extra-curricular Certificates:

  1. Graduate of Dale Carnegie PR Development certificate programme.
  2. Certificate for completion of Public Speaking and Soft Skills Training Programme, held at BJEM, BBSR.

Significant Extracurriculars awards and recognition:

  1. Three times Best Speaker Award (2011-2013), IISER-Kolkata.
  2. Best Team-Debate- IISER-Kolkata (2012).
  3. Around 200 awards in Debating, singing, anchoring and creativity, social work. (Best National Debator, Nation 2008 and Best Social Worker State, 2009)
  4. National Rank 5 in National Creativity Aptitude test, 2012
  5. Best student and All-rounder awards 2007-2009.
  6. Best Anchor Awards, Guest RJ for 97.3 Big FM Radio channel, BBSR.
  7. Literary editor, Music Club chairperson and Social Committee chairperson, IISER-K (2009-2014).
  8. Motivational Speaker and mentor for women in Physics: 2014-2015
  9. Writing books titled “The W diaries”, “Splinter Hut: a journey to the self”.
  10. Performed with International band “Eccodek” as a guest vocalist.

Sports Involvement:

  1. Certification and training in Air Rifle Shooting by Utkal Sports Association. (2013)
  2. Hobbies include : Basketball, badminton and squash.

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