Recently, I was interviewed by CBC Canada on the show IDEAS with Paul Kennedy. Paul is an amazing person and we talked about how mystery and the search for magic drive science and how sometimes the truth can be even more fantastic than fiction. The show has been titled Similes and Science.

We also discussed (off the air) about how today theoretical physics seems awfully disconnected from the real world and why it is not the case. “Take for example the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the timeline from the prediction to the discovery was 1964 to 2012. The high energy regimes we work in today and the amount of sophisticated machinery required to test our theories have sadly not been invented yet to test the quantum regime which makes our theories even more fantastical. But hope is what keeps humanity alive! “

While some of the things that I said in my haste are deeply mortifying and will always haunt me, I will remember this very much as my first interview as a Physicist. It has been humbling to know that so many people have actually listened to the show and taken my words as having some sort of importance and I have been overwhelmed to receive warm wishes from strangers around the world. Thanks again Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics for yet again giving me this opportunity! Thanks Paul for being such a wonderful host! A special thanks to Eamon O’Flynn for introducing me to the opportunity and believing in me!

To catch the show, tune into CBC here.


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