Volunteer Activities:

  1. 2009/8 – Organiser (Organisation in which a part of : JAGRITI)

Activity Description: Teaching under-priviledged children basic maths and English knowledge in a playful manner.

  1. 2009/8 – 2014/6 Organiser and Presentor (Organisation: IISER-Kolkata Social and Outreach Committee.)

Activity Description: Going to various schools and scientific presentations, setting up telescopes and start charts, holding star gazing sessions, scientific dissemination of ideas, competitions.

  1. 2004/4 – 2009/5 Organiser (Organisation: Bharat Scouts and Guides)

Activity Description: Responsibilities included cleanliness drives, helping slum kids with studies, peace marches for stopping of violence, silent protests on smoking and health issues, giving disaster management training, silent protests on gender issues.

  1. 2008/8 – 2008/10 Organiser (Organisation: Horlicks Wiz Kids)

Activity Description: Collection of old clothes from all houses in various localities and then distribution in slum areas, Organisation of competitions and prizes, Drive for children primary education and a stop to child labour and child abuse.

  1. 2004/8 – 2007/1 Organiser (Organisation : NCSC)

Activity Description: Awareness Campaigns on Water Sanitisation and contaminations, prevention of water contamination, peace marches and demonstrations, dialogues with the BBSR Municipal Corporation for incorporation of preventive measures.

Event Organisation:

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson and Trainer :

Personality Development and Public Speaking Workshop – Workshop (2012-07-18 / 2012-07-19)

Activity Description: Involved training and PR development exercises with all the students who attended, was a supervisory role.

  1. OrganiserInquivesta, The Biggest Science Fest of India. – Workshop (2011-05-03)

Activity Description: It involved planning and execution of various sub events and preparation of posters, anchoring of the events, giving the welcome address and meeting with sponsors, and preparing the brochure.

  1. Speaker Seminar on the Promotion of Science. – Seminar (2011-06-20)

Activity Description: Involved presenting various research work in popular levels for school level kids to understand and get involved in scientific research.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson :

Advances in Astronomy for School kids. – Seminar (2010-11-20 / 2010-11-20) Activity Description: Involved setting up telescopes and other instruments, handing out and explaining star charts, doing mock quizzes, speaking and presenting the seminar at a popular level.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson :

Awareness Campaign on the Contamination of Water – Workshop (2009-10-14 / 2009-10-16)

Activity Description: Involved preparation of posters, talking to the press, getting in touch with the state administration, and speaking and convincing the local people to take preventive measures for the contamination of groundwater.

  1. Organiser and Main Spokesperson:

Competitions among the deprived slum kids of BBSR – Workshop (2009-05-01)

Activity Description: Events, competitions in dance, music, drama, clothing sales, food sales at subsidised rates, distribution of awards and prizes.